Wednesday, 21 August 2013

A Big Gay Rant

I'm about to rant again, and if you've followed my recent flip-flopping about gay marriage, you might be surprised by what I say.

It started with a tweet - someone expressing the view that being homosexual is not a sin, as long as you are not having sex. This, I think, is a perfectly reasonable interpretation of the Biblical instruction on the matter, so I took issue with someone making the blanket statement that 'homosexuals shall not enter the kingdom of heaven'. That is not what the Bible means. It shows no love or grace. It condemns the person, not the act. That isn't the God I know.

I won't get too far into the right or wrong of being a practicing homosexual today - although I do have a view on that - because I need, above all else, to vent this question:

What is the difference between a homosexual person choosing to be celibate and a straight person doing so?

One is not having sex with members of the same gender? It makes no sense, it is a stupid, irrelevant and just plain wrong argument. I had a period of celibacy, I didn't sleep with men or women. Who I chose to have sex with before then had no bearing on the fact that I chose to be celibate. That would be stupid.

(On a side note, I find it slightly amusing that anti-gay Chistians quote the same verses from Leviticus to make their point that anti-Christian atheists use to make Christianity look hopelessly irrelevant.)

And don't get me started on stupid judgmental statements like 'you can't be a Christian and a homosexual at the same time'. (Oh look, somebody just did. Oh well...) That's fifty shades of ridiculous. I mean, why can't you? Because it's a sin? You can't be a sinner and a Christian at the same time? Well, that's, let's see, roughly 100% of the world's Christians screwed then.

Even if we agree that homosexuality is a sin, that's all it is - a sin like any other. God has no scale of sins; gay sex, unmarried sex, prostitution, extortion, bullying, rampant judgmentalism.... They're all just as naughty in His sight.

So, get over yourselves, stop acting so high and mighty, let Christ decide who can or can't be a Christian, and get on with showing some love to the people you come into contact with.

God knows, some of you people are almost enough to put me off Christianity.

(For the interested, clicking the sexuality tag below will bring up my thought process on the subject of gay marriage.)