Saturday, 4 August 2012

How awesome is this?

Who knew Great Britain would actually turn out to be so... Great?

OK, I may be slightly biased, but from where I'm looking Team GB totally dominated the velodrome over the last few days. Queen Vic is totally my hero! And the rowing for that matter - we don't just win these things, we own them!

And who the heck is Greg Rutherford? Didn't see that one coming!

But, congratulations to Greg, whoever you are, but Super Saturday surely belongs to one person.

When you look up 'inspirational' in the dictionary from now on, it'll simply say:

The sheer dedication it must take to be that good at seven sports boggles my mind, but wow, what a role model, what an example to every one of us.

And you gotta love the crowd.... not that you can blame them, I was on my feet cheering her on too! But the way they cheered her home, and Mo Farah too.... Right now, I just love being British :)